Hello Game Changer! 

Welcome officially to your GCC Membership Dashboard. 

Firstly, I would just like to say that I am so excited to have you here. I created the Game Changer Collective Membership, not only to teach you skills to excel in your entrepreneurial journey but also (and in my opinion most importantly) to provide you with a tribe that will stand by your side as you build and grow. 

The Game Changer Collective monthly membership focuses on three areas of development; content, coaching and community. 

We provide you content by releasing a new live masterclass each month, and of course, we have a library of past classes covering a range of different topics. To find the classes most relevant to your journey, make sure to follow one of our entrepreneur stage tracks. 

As for coaching, each month we have a live Q&A call. You can also access old Q&A sessions here on the dashboard. 

And community (did I tell you this was my favourite part), you have your private GCC Facebook Community. In the Facebook group, we host monthly challenges, a monthly member hosted masterclass and every single month, two of the top engagers will have a live 1:1 hot seat coaching session with me. 

By using the community, you gaining support, accountability and enjoyment - entrepreneurship is so much more exciting when shared with others. 

Okay, so your next steps now:

And I am so excited to get to know you better! 

Erin x 

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Brand New

I am a brand new entrepreneur, still trying to get my ideas in order and clarity on how to start my business. I haven't begun creating content online, and I do not have any products and services available at this stage.

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Early Stage

I have been dabbling in my business for a little while now, possibly creating content online and have started to create some products or services. I am really looking to start making consistent money and seeing consistent growth with my audience.

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Next Level

I have been in business for a little while but I am ready to grow and scale. My goals are to see more growth with my audience and possibly add passive income sources into my business. I am totally ready to go to the next level.