As I write this, I have just finished recording a Podcast episode with an incredibly successful entrepreneur. As a matter of fact she was one of many this week and something very bizarre has started to happen.

As I am listening to all of these business owners tell me their story of how they became successful, it's blowing my mind that I keep hearing the same thing over and over again.

"When it comes to succeeding on a global level, the most important elements of your business are a clear vision and to be intentionally building a community online".

Hmm, okay - I am thinking to myself, is it a coincidence that not long ago I had a 1:1 mentoring session with a $100m CEO who said the exact same thing.

Vision + Tribe.

That is really it.

I mean if we look at anyone. Anyone succeeding on a massive scale they all have an extremely strong vision and are using that to grow an engaged following which in turn makes them a lot of money.

I have begun to reflect on my own journey and realised that this has also been the case for me, although my message has slightly changed over time - at the core of it, my vision has remained the same. I have always wanted to help people be the very best version of themselves (Be Extraordinary) and spread a message (to a tribe) online.

And so, that is exactly how the birth of Vision + Tribe the group program came to be.

I was sent this mission through a series of synchronicities because I know I am supposed to teach my tribe these crucial elements to having a successful business and brand.

Okay, so what actually is Vision and Tribe?

Let's start with Vision.

Vision is your WHY, your voice and your mission. It's how you look, how you act and how you make people feel. It's the reason people follow, like, share and buy. It's the thing that is missing from so many businesses online.

Having a consistent vision is crucial, but not only do so many people not have one, they also don't even know where to start.

I mean do you?

Sure you might have goals? A vision for your personal future? But where is your business standing, and why should people even care about what you do? That is your vision.

And your Tribe.

I mean this one is easy - without people paying attention, you cannot grow, you cannot make money, you cannot scale.

You need a tribe, and your vision is what will attract them.


Why do I think it's so important that you stop everything you are doing and work on your Vision and Tribe?

Because without these things, your business will:

>> not attract dream clients

>> not grow on social media

>> not be sustainable

>> not be noticed

But worst of all you are most likely not going to even FEEL like doing the things you need to do in order to grow. If you have ever felt this feeling of ‘eh I totally CBF showing up today’ that probably because you are not aligned with a vision that makes you feel so freaking energised and literally excited to show up for you audience.

You will also be stuck, feeling like nothing is moving. Feeling like nothing will ever move, no one will ever pay attention.

Days and nights, post after post - refreshing your feed to see if ANYONE finally commented - but nothing.


Because without a vision, a clear relentless, heart-driven vision, why should they comment? I mean, would you?

One of my clients had spent two years ‘trying’ to make her business work online. After one session (where we figured out her true vision) she became obsessed with creating content. ‘I don’t even care if no one watches, I am so excited to make videos'‘ she said. But they did watch, ALOT. Because thats what happens when you align with your true vision.

So lovely. Are you ready for massive business up-levelling?

Are you ready to start crafting your vision and building that dream tribe?


Vision + Tribe is a four-week program. Over the course of these four weeks, yourself and some like-minded business besties will receive;

- Four masterclasses designed to sequentially help you craft your vision and build your tribe

- Bonus resources to help you build your tribe

- Lifetime access to the content


I am so glad you asked, Vision + Tribe is literally the foundation for all of your business goals and success

- You will feel more energised and excited to show up online

- Growing your online tribe (obviously)

- Being noticed by your potential customers

- Reaching five figure months, six-figure years (and beyond)

- Being noticed as a leader in your industry

- Leaving your 9-5 to create this vision fill time!

Simon Sinek said in his 2009 TED talk 'How great Leaders inspire action' that people do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

I totally agree - but it goes so much further than that.

I feel as though people also buy how you make them feel.

Are you consciously working on how you make people feel? Do you create an experience when someone lands on your Instagram, or your website? A feeling they cannot deny and one that keeps them coming back for more?

This is what I am going to teach you how to do.

Make yourself and your business irresistible. Make your message and voice clear, and bring more clarity than you have ever had before.

If this is resonating with you, if deep inside you know that it's time to be more consistent and attract your dream tribe, then let's do this.



- How to find (or change to) that one purpose that lights you up so much you are obsessed with showing up

- How to overcome the fear that comes when you truly align to your purpose

- How to learn exactly who you are and use that to be irresistible to your dream tribe

- How to instantly become a leader in your industry

- How to turn your purpose into profit, even with a small tribe

- How to communicate your mission effectively with your audience so they feel inspired to take action (the social strategy)

- What it truely takes to build a tribe that adored everything you do

- How to create consistency of this vision across your whole business (social media, branding, copywriting, content creation and more)

I am going to be challenging you to grow. Yes, of course, grow your brand and business, but mostly...

>> grow yourself

>> grow your confidence

>> grow your self-esteem

>> grow your faith that you can actually do this whole business thing

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