Are you ready to finally start growing an audience so that you can turn those raving fans into loyal customers?

Over the past two years I have been able to build a multiple six figure business and a super engaged online community, which has allowed me to live the life of my dreams. And it was all because of my secret weapon… Video.

But here’s the thing, it’s not just me getting these amazing results

My client Kimberley was able to build a six-figure business in her first year, and one of her daily platforms.. video (IG Stories to be exact).

Recently, another client of mine Vanessa launched her business and in her first month exceeded $10,000 income. Her primary content platform… Video (YouTube!!)

And let’s not forget my business bestie Ruby, she was able to leave her corporate job and take her hustle full time, as well as book tonnes of amazing speaking gigs. Ruby regularly connects with her audience with, you guessed it… Video (This time on LinkedIn).


“No other content style transcends all social media platforms like video does”.

Video is such a powerful tool, no matter which social platform you choose to use to grow your online business. Video is one of the best ways to get found, build a deep connection to your audience and convert those views into sales!

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But I don’t know how! Where do I start when it comes to video?

This is a question I get asked every time I suggest video as the answer to entrepreneurs feeling invisible and not making money online (sound familiar?).

That is exactly why I created this masterclass, to teach you the proven strategies that help hundreds of people get started with online video.

We cover everything from

  • What types of video work best on each platform

  • How to feel confident on camera

  • How to plan amazing video topics that your audience will love and share

  • My exact video content formula

  • How to set up and film a gorgeous video (including lighting, camera and background)

  • An EXACT step by step guide for the actual filming of a video (how to talk, what do do when you make mistakes)

  • How to post a video to each platform (including titles, tags and descriptions)

  • How to repurpose a video to reach more people across social media


It’s so hard to stand out online these days…

This is another statement I see so many early stage entrepreneurs saying, and although it seems that way, I think it’s only partly true.

Yes, it’s hard to grow your audience with methods that used to work. Maybe you are sharing images you found on Pinterest, or trying to get away with beautiful flat-lay and stock images on your website and blog.

These strategies may have once worked, but audiences are sick of seeing the same thing over and over agin, they want something fresh and different.

They want to see you!

Showing your face, speaking and broadcasting your personality is one of the BEST ways to stand out from everyone else online.

You are your businesses best competitive advantage - you are the secret sauce and video can help you show that!

Sill not convinced video is for you? Let’s break down some of those fears and limiting beliefs… 

“I am not good on camera, I am shy or introverted”

Being on camera has NOTHING to do with being loud or extroverted, the camera is only there to capture the person you already are. Some people prefer to watch videos with people who are more chilled and introverted. Your perfect ideal audience will find you and love you, you do not have to change who you are for the lens.

“I don’t have a fancy camera”

Fancy schmancy, you don’t need anything to get started with video. If you have an iPhone, or even a web cam (which I am assuming you do because this page didn’t come to you in snail mail) then you have a camera! Creating video content isn’t about being the next Steven Spielberg. It’s about sharing a message on film to spread to the people who need it most.

“I don’t have, or plan to start a YouTube channel”

Video goes way beyond YouTube these days. In fact most of the social platforms prefer video - I mean Facebook has had video for years, and look at IGTV. As I said before, video transcends ALL of the social platforms so no matter where you are, your audience could be ready and waiting to watch!

This workshop includes… 

A 2.5 hour masterclass, jam packed with information to get you started with your video strategy.

Lifetime access to the masterclass

A workbook with exercises, planning examples and access to Erin’s personal video script

Your Investment: $47 USD