Imagine this for a second, you have finally developed the confidence to show up consistently online.

Imagine you let go of the fear that people would judge.

Imagine that because you were able to be so consistent, you start to watch your tribe grow.

Each and every single day, new likes, new followers and most importantly, new messages from people who adore you and resonate with your message.

Imagine that you had enough belief in yourself to sell from your soul. Every day, telling your tribe how you can solve their problems, and in turn, attracting more money into your bank account.

Are you imagining all of this?

Are you taking the time to really truly feel into this vision?

I bet this isn’t something new for you.

I bet that you have already spent weeks, maybe even months imagining all of this.

Imagining your impact growing, people starting to know your name and imagining your bank account growing, matching your full-time income so you can finally leave that job you hate.

But that’s all it is right now, imaginary.

A dream, or vision that maybe you have had a crack at, but because nothing is working, no clients are dying to work with you, you are starting to lose faith that being a successful entrepreneur isn’t on the cards for you?

- I see you, my love,
- I see you, desperate for a glisten of hope that you CAN make this thing happen.
- I see you, scrolling on social media, envious of those women who have EXACTLY the life you want.

I know how hard it can be, waiting, anticipating, wondering

Am I going to make it?

I know how hard it is because I once was you.

After I started my YouTube channel back in 2014, I was DESPERATE to become a successful YouTuber, I was desperate to work for myself, to be ‘online famous’.

So many times I would post a video, one that I had worked so hard on, deep in my bones I believed that this was going to be the one that would catapult mine into the life of my dreams.

But over and over again, I was disappointed.

My hard work didn't pay off

I was, refreshing the page over and over again to see that the views on my video were not moving.

I know what it’s like to want something so bad, to know it’s possible but to feel like there is ‘something missing’

A reason why others can have it, but I can’t.

And you know that there is.

There is a missing key, that separates those who have great success and those who long for it on the sidelines.

And once I figured that out, EVERYTHING CHANGED.

My channel started to go viral, every video I posted would reach exactly the right people. I also started a business and have since climbed from $500 months to $10,000 months and now $50,000 months.


That missing key, it worked! I cracked the code, figured it out.

And now, I want to share it with you (and I am even going to tell you for free, but don’t worry I also have an amazing 1:1 coaching offer coming)

Ready for it, the missing key to your success…


It’s your mindset

I know, I know - you probably want to strangle me right now - I mean how many times have you heard this before. About a million?

But there is a difference between KNOWING something and LIVING something.

If you were living in line with developing a success mindset, then you wouldn’t need to IMAGINE all of those amazing scenarios above, because you would be living them.

If you truly worked on your faith, your self-belief, your confidence and overcoming your fears and limitations, all of the dreams in your heart, they would instead be in your reality.

Because that’s the thing, success, wealth, fame - it’s not just about what you do (although the action is a big part), it’s about what you let go of.

And that is exactly what I want to help you do.

Let go of your crap and step into the shoes of the entrepreneur that you were truly created to be.

I want to hold your hand, but also kind of push you of the edge and PROVE to you once and for all that you are totally freaking capable, that YOU CAN attract clients, make money online and live the freedom lifestyle that you crave.

Unlock Your Next Level

Unlock Your Next Level is an intensive 6 Week 1:1 Coaching program for female entrepreneurs ready to step into confidence, clarity and their full unapologetic power to finally start moving the needle in their business.

Erin has been my absolute ROCK! When I started out on my business journey I was sceptical on hiring a coach and I was quite particular on who I trusted enough to work with... but something about how Erin presents her.png


>> Finding clarity to know EXACTLY HOW to build a tribe and make money online

>> Increasing your confidence and unlocking the next level version of YOU

>> Overcoming the fears and limitations that hold you back and block your success

>> Consistency and showing up (another key to success)

>> Self-belief and faith

>> Being unapologetic and building your dream business offers

And anything else you need (I mean this is 1:1 after all)

Yes, of course, I intend for this to be a lot of mindset and inner work, because honestly, I KNOW that is a huge part of the reason you don’t have the success you desire yet. BUT of course, I am your 1:1 coach and if you truly need help with the ACTION stuff, I have got your back.


I have created [course name] for two reasons. One because I am fully booked for over 12 months in my 1:1 mentorship and wanted a way to work intimately with bosses who are ready to step the f*ck up and make things happen.

But also because in reflection, when I look at how I built a multiple six-figure business and an audience of over 100,000 - it was the mindset and inner work, especially that I have done with a coach that has made the biggest difference.

I want to be that coach for you.

The coach that calls you on your BS so you can get out of your own way, but is also your business bestie, by your side when you are doing extraordinary things.

> I know it’s your turn.

> Your turn to step into the spotlight.

> And I know that you know it too.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t

Unlock your next level DETAILS

Unlock Your Next Level is an intensive 6 Week 1:1 Coaching program for female entrepreneurs ready to step into confidence, clarity and their full unapologetic power to finally start moving the needle in their business.

This includes

  • 1 x 30-minute weekly call via Zoom (calls are recorded for you to keep)

  • UNLIMITED access to me via voice notes (WhatsApp) + 1 week follow up

  • Access to your choice of 1 x The Game Changer Company courses (I can help you decide which is best)

  • My expert feedback on anything you are working on in your business

I have never done an offer like this, but I know that it will fill with Game Changers, women, badasses who are TRULY ready to crack themselves open and make the shifts they need to create a life of abundance and success.



>> A queen ready to claim her throne

>> A boss ready to take charge

>> A leader ready to lead a movement

I am so ready to be there by your side.

Let’s make this happen, Let’s Unlock Your Next Level


6 Week - 1:1 coaching - $2997 USD (payment plans available)