“In a Crowded Market Place, Fitting in is Failing”

- Seth Godin

Stand Out For Success Is Not like Other Courses

Stand out for Success is a Personal Branding Project designed to get help you take action on the specific areas of business and marketing that will help you stand out and get noticed by your audience, potential clients, network and industry.

Broken down into four epic assignments, Stand Out For Success will help you to implement the three crucial keys of standing out, across your Personal Brand, Business, Content and Community.

What You Get for Your Investment

  • Lifetime access to the course and any future updates that are made.

  • Downloadable and Editable Workbooks for your Stand Out assignments.

  • Video Training Files that can be accessed on any device.

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Let's be real... this is what you really get:

  • The exact steps you need to take to differentiate yourself from your competition online. 

  • Easy to follow guides that will help you to design a brand that people remember.

  • An effective strategy for creating content that cannot be ignored.

  • A guide to building a community and networking to help you create more income and opportunities.

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Are you struggling to…

  • Get noticed by your ideal customers and clients?

  • Grow your audience on social media?

  • Get your message heard in the sea of competition?

  • Make a name for yourself an online influencer and entrepreneur (because no one knows who you are)?

  • Stay motivated to keep showing up because your content isn't getting seen?


Imagine this for a second...

It's Monday morning, you have just returned to your home office after a tropical weekend away. You sit down at your desk to open your emails and the first things that you notice is a bunch of PayPal notifications.

Over the weekend, whilst you were enjoying the sun, you made $4000 from your online course. Then you notice an email from entrepreneur.com, they want to feature you in their list of Influencers on the rise. Another email from a client saying how much you have changed their life...

I know right now, the above scenario sounds nice, but it's not possible for you right? Not now anyway but maybe 'someday'.

Well, I call BS! This doesn't have to be your 'someday', because this is TODAY for so many people, and it could be for you too! All you need to do to make this your reality is start Standing Out.


It's time that you STOP wasting your potential

and START getting noticed!



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Laura Langheinrich

I cannot highly recommend Erin and her programs enough to anyone looking to create a successful & sustainable online presence.

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Itzel Cuch

This course has been one of the best investments I have ever made for myself.Before Stand Out For Success I was very insecure because I felt lost and didn't know what I wanted to do, let alone know how to do it.

Since I started I have been able to focus on the correct strategies to use for my business. I feel more clear and confident about my brand and have been getting way more engagement with my audience. I am barely half way through the course and I can genuinely say that I have made major progress in my business!

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Imani Herbert

The workshop gave so much detail and easy steps to get started immediately that there was no excuse for not making progress in your brand. Erin is very informed on social media and didn't give any BS tips, just straight to the point info and advice to get started.




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Your Instructor

Hey Game Changer,

I'm Erin, your teacher, mentor and friend from Australia. I created the Game Changer Company to teach up and coming thought leaders everything they need to know about becoming known online.

I genuinely believe that you have a social message and I am here to help you share it with the world by building a personal brand and monetising your passions.