SIMPLY BUSINESS Group coaching

An intimate, Eight-Week Group Coaching Experience For Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Build The Business of Their Dreams, Without the Headaches and Overwhelm.

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Hey Game Changer, we both know that it’s time you;

- Start earning the money that you know you are capable of making in your business

- Become fully booked consistently with amazing clients who light you up

- Grow an audience that loves your message and supports your mission

- Stop treating your business like a ‘hobby’ and finally step into the role of the CEO

- Stop wondering whether you are cut out to be an entrepreneur and instead start scaling a successful online business


Instead, right now what you have been doing is not much at all. Okay, so maybe you have spent a whole lot of time ‘researching’ (scrolling) about your idea, but that’s all it is, an idea.

Why? Because you feel lost, you feel overwhelmed and you feel totally confused about where to even start. Well, I want you to know that this is NOT your fault.

There is an insane amount of information about there about building a successful business, and the wort thing is that most of it contradicts each other. Build this, do that, focus here, work harder… gah it’s all so annoying TBH.

You spend you days looking at these other amazing women online, these women who seem to have figure out the secret code.

The secret blue print to building an incredible business and life.

Trust me, I have been there

Frustrated, like I was missing something.

Until I found out, that really the thing that I was missing was actually incredibly simple.


My life has completely changed over the past few years…

I would never have imagined that this would be my life. I'm making more money than I ever could have imagined, living every day in pure freedom and making such a difference in the lives of others and if you asked me how I got to where I am today, it was focusing on a few simple things, building my tribe and solving their problems in exchange for money. (I told you, it’s so simple it’s almost rude).

That is exactly why I am here and why I created this program, Simply Business. I am here to disrupt all of the beliefs that building a business is this overly complicated thing that only the special 15% of people can do.

Bring Your Vision to Life, 

It Doesn’t have to be Hard! 

My intention with this is to not only teach you everything you need to know to take your business or idea and turn it into a successful online brand but also help you find the self-confidence you need to go out there in the relentless pursuit of creating your vision.

Whether you want to be speaking on stage, working by a pool, spending more time with your kids, leaving your job, writing a book, it's all possible with the right mindset and strategy.

I know right now you're probably spending way too much time online, scrolling through all of the #BossBabe accounts, looking at the success they have achieved and wishing that you could jump into that reality yourself.

I get that you have big ideas for an online business, but the sheer thought of where to start and what to do is entirely overwhelming you.

I get it!

In my opinion, there are way too many people who are trying to complicate things for you. Making you feel like you need 100 systems and funnels to be successful. I say, hell no to all of that.
Simply Business is a program designed to take the overwhelm out of starting an online business. I believe this journey should be fun! Showing up online should be exciting.

Your business should not be another job you hate going to; it should be an adventure, a chance to grow.

I'm not saying it's effortless, you will need to stretch yourself to become the next level version of you, and that's why I'll be there as your coach to support you and your new business besties through this process of transform


Kimberley’s Story

Kimberley Wenya joined Erin’s group coaching program in late 2017. In less than a year since then, Kimberley has gone on to build a six figure online business, is the host of a top podcast and is fast becoming one of the spiritual industries next top thought leaders.

“Erin has been an amazing coach for me over the last weeks! She has given me the perfect tools to truly get over my fears, shift my mindset totally and step into my game changer shoes! My progress has been above and beyond what I expected. With her guidance, I have managed to launch my first program and start my Youtube channel without second guessing.

Doing Facebook lives is now no feat for me and I now know the right way to grow my social media channels organically and sustainably. I believe she's saved me at least 2 years of mucking around trialling things and back-stepping from projects due to fear. I highly recommend working with Erin, it was definitely the best investment I made this year!”

  • Kimberley Wenya


Nina’s story

This program was better than I could've imagined. The program sequence was organised so well & Erin made the material so easy to understand. If there was anything we didn't understand, Erin hopped on a FB live or voice message to make sure we walked away feeling confident & taking action.

I had so many "ah-ha" moments during the course! Erin's method is really as simple as ABC. I've overcome so much fear of being judged & have gotten more used to video & "showing up" every day. I've also stepped into the role as CEO, which I have Erin to thank for (a great source of motivation & tough-love)!

When it comes to value, Erin has exceeded all expectations. The dense material is organised & laid out so well, that it's easy to digest & apply to my business. Plus, the other members of the Group have added so much motivation, value, expertise, & support along the way. I feel like I am walking away with business savvy skills & a group of like-minded friends!

  • Nina Marinaro


Kathi’s Story

The moment I signed up for the group coaching, my energy shifted. But that was just the beginning. Erin's support was incredible. She truly empowered us throughout the whole experience. So many breakthroughs along the way and so much input + inspiration for my business. I can't even imagine where I would be today WITHOUT simply business!!

I’ve realised that business is not as complicated as we think. It can be simple, yet effective. The only thing that is stopping me from being successful is showing up!

Erin's support and energy. She always overdelivered and surprised us with amazing LIVEs, direct feedback and amazing opportunities.

  • Kathi Hillenberg


Stop for a moment and visualise where you could be this time next year if you finally put skin in the game and took massive action


This 8-week group coaching program is Erin May Henry’s signature online business coaching program that teaches early stage digital entrepreneurs how to package and monetise their passion and knowledge, build an audience and grow their personal brand so that they can live a freedom lifestyle while also making a global impact.


  • Eight video modules and workbooks, each with a different topic designed to teach you how to build a successful digital business (Value $3000)

  • Eight weekly coaching calls where you can ask questions + hot seat coaching where Erin will provide 1:1 advice ($4000)

  • A private facebook community for you to connect and collaborate with other members + receive feedback from Erin (Value $1500)

  • Erin’s personal systems, swipe files, resources and workflows to help you stay organised and productive (Value $500)

  • Lifetime access to the content and any future upgrades (we usually add new resources every time we launch!)

Toal Value of $9,000

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6 month payment plan available.

But wait! There are bonuses!!

Join Simply Business group coaching program or group coaching VIP, for the September intake, and you will receive FREE access to Erin’s brand new course ‘The Kick Ass Coach Academy’ Launching November 2019!



This group coaching program is for any online service-based entrepreneurs who are ready for massive success in 2019. 

It is for early-stage entrepreneurs who have been in business 0-1.5 years, and already know their business idea, meaning you have full clarity of your niche, target audience or services.

This program is for people who are excited to work hard and be a part of a team! You'll become apart of a tribe of other driven entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you.

So, if you're looking to not only grow a successful business but also build your personal brand online, this program is for you!


Sally’s Story

Sally joined Erin’s group coaching program in 2017 and has since gone onto become a paid speaker and build a successful online sexual empowerment coaching program. Sally has used the information in Erin’s program for two different businesses.

“I Loved this program and I am so grateful for to Erin for creating it. I only kicked this business off six months ago and I am now just returning from two paid conferences. The proof is in the pudding, if you follow the steps you are going to have an amazing online business”

  • Sally Jackson

Itzel Perez

Itzel’s Story

At first I was a bit skeptical on joining the Simply Business Coaching Program. I was afraid I wasn't ready for it. The moment I jumped into that first masterclass I knew I had made the right decision, it was exactly what I needed and now that it has ended, I was not disappointed.

I was able to learn strategy and mindset for building my business and meet amazing business woman with the same goals and aspirations on this journey. This experience has been life changing. I now know the exact next steps I need to take to start building my business.

  • Itzel Perez


Gillian’s Story

Simply business was amazing! Being new to entrepreneurship and starting an online business, I can truly say that Erin made it all so simple and personable for everyone. She is always available when you need her and willing to give you feedback every step of the way! Can’t recommend this program enough!

The group coaching calls. I love that you get to bring all of your questions and concerns during that time to get clarity but also to learnt from others.

Anyone starting an online business should 100% take this group coaching program! It literally maps out the road for what you need to do. On top of that, you learn so much from the other people in the group and can always get feedback from Erin if you ever feel stuck. It was simply amazing!

  • Gillian Baez




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If you're even thinking 'maybe now is not the time', 'I am afraid of investing' or 'will this even work'...

Let me tell you; I had the exact same thoughts when I was sitting there, with my mouse cursor hovering over the PayPal pay now button. I had spent weeks devouring everything this coach had for free, and now it was time to invest (my entire savings) in her join her group coaching program 

What made me push the button? Knowing that I truly couldn't do it alone. 

I appreciated the free content there was online about business building, but I knew I wanted a team by my side. I wanted to work with a coach who had already done the things I wanted to do, the $10,000 months, the sold-out programs, the engaged, loving audience. I wanted her to show me exactly what to do, so I didn't have to piece together everyone elses advice. 

But also, it was knowing that if I genuinely wanted people to invest in me, to trust me as their coach, I had to first invest in myself. 

I know that you are ready for this. You wouldn't be here, perusing this page if you weren't. You probably wouldn't even be following me or consuming my content because you know I am all about taking action, disrupting things, doing epic shit and changing the game.

All of which you are totally capable of. 

You were not born to be a mediocre entrepreneur. You were not born to be someone who is continually struggling, pulling all-nighters, showing up consistently with little to no return on your effort. No, you were born to have an epic life, to become KNOWN and to build a mission-driven business that matters. 

However, to be that woman, the women who fiercely pursued greatness, you have to leap... and Simply Business is here to catch you when you do.

As I have said over and over again, this is about simplifying, streamlining and rejecting the overwhelm that most coaching will leave you with. 

Business, like anything you build really, is about doing a few simple things, repeatedly. I am here to teach you exactly what those things are. I created Simply Business, quite frankly because I was pissed off at how many new entrepreneurs give up because they just have no idea what to do. 

Let me show you EXACTLY what you need to do. 

No more guessing, no more time-wasting, no more self-doubting. It's time for action, pure intentional and simple actions. 

You get to decide who you want to be, today, tomorrow and every day after that. Do you want to be someone who believed in themselves and went for it, or someone dreamed she could? 

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Erin May Henry is an Australian YouTuber, Podcaster and Business Mentor. She founded The Game Changer Company as a way to inspire the next generation of thought leaders to build their online empire and become known online.

After building her audience to over 100,000 on YouTube, when she isn’t travelling, Erin spends her days creating content and building epic courses like this one to inspire entrepreneurs everywhere (also playing with her puppy and drinking coffee).

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