Kimberley’s Story

Kimberley worked with Erin in her first group coaching program in late 2017. In less than a year Kimberley built a very successful six figure online business, created a top podcast and is one of the spiritual industries up and coming thought leaders.

“Erin has been an amazing coach for me over the last 12 weeks! She has given me the perfect tools to truly get over my fears, shift my mindset totally and step into my game changer shoes! My progress has been above and beyond what I expected. With her guidance, I have managed to launch my first program and start my Youtube channel without second guessing. Doing Facebook lives is now no feat for me and I now know the right way to grow my social media channels organically and sustainably. I believe she's saved me at least 2 years of mucking around trialling things and back-stepping from projects due to fear. I highly recommend working with Erin, it was definitely the best investment I made this year” - Kimberley Wenya