Business Group coaching

It’s time you build a successful online brand and business along side a group of business besties.

Hey Game Changer, do you want to make 2019 the year that you…

  • Start earning the money that you know you are capable of making in your business?

  • Become fully booked consistently with clients

  • Grow an audience that loves your message and supports your mission

  • Stop treating your business like a ‘hobby’ and finally step into the role of the CEO

  • Stop wondering whether you are cut out to be an entrepreneur and instead start scaling a successful online business

Who is this group program for?

  • This group coaching program is for any online serviced based entrepreneur who is ready for massive success in 2019.

  • For entrepreneurs who are looking to not only grow a successful business, but also build their personal brand online.

  • This program is for early stage entrepreneurs who have been in business 0-1.5 years, and who already know their business idea (full clarity of niche, target audience or services is not required)

  • This program is for people who are excited to work hard and be a part of team, supporting other entrepreneurs on the same journey.


Kimberley’s Story

Kimberley Wenya joined Erin’s group coaching program in late 2017. In less than a year since then, Kimberley has gone on to build a six figure online business, is the host of a top podcast and is fast becoming one of the spiritual industries next top thought leaders.

“Erin has been an amazing coach for me over the last weeks! She has given me the perfect tools to truly get over my fears, shift my mindset totally and step into my game changer shoes! My progress has been above and beyond what I expected. With her guidance, I have managed to launch my first program and start my Youtube channel without second guessing. Doing Facebook lives is now no feat for me and I now know the right way to grow my social media channels organically and sustainably. I believe she's saved me at least 2 years of mucking around trialling things and back-stepping from projects due to fear. I highly recommend working with Erin, it was definitely the best investment I made this year!” - Kimberley Wenya


This 8-week group coaching program is Erin May Henry’s signature online business coaching program that teaches early stage digital entrepreneurs how to package and monetise their passion and knowledge, build an audience and grow their personal brand so that they can live a freedom lifestyle while also making a global impact.


  • Eight video modules and workbooks, each with a different topic designed to teach you how to build a successful digital business (Value $3000)

  • Four bi-weekly coaching calls where you can ask questions + hot seat coaching where Erin will provide 1:1 advice ($4000)

  • A private facebook community for you to connect and collaborate with other members + receive feedback from Erin (Value $1500)

  • Erin’s personal systems, swipe files, resources and workflows to help you stay organised and productive (Value $500)

Toal Value of $9,000


Sally’s Story

Sally joined Erin’s group coaching program in 2019 and has since gone onto become a paid speaker and build a successful online sexual empowerment coaching program. Sally has used the information in Erin’s program for two different businesses.

“I Loved this program and I am so grateful for to Erin for creating it. I only kicked this business off six months ago and I am now just returning from two paid conferences. The proof is in the pudding, if you follow the steps you are going to have an amazing online business” - Sally Jackson


2019 is going to be your year 

It’s time you stopped ‘hoping’ that your business is going to one day start growing, and instead intentionally make that day today. I know investing in coaching can be scary, but you cannot expect people to invest in you if you wont invest in yourself.

Sometimes all we need to do is make a decision, put skin in the game and the universe starts to conspire in our favour. It’s time to take the leap, it’s time for transformation.

It’s time to build an extraordinarily successful online business.

Enrolment is currently closed, next enrolment - SepTember 2019.