welcome, Game Changer!  

I am so excited that you have landed here, on our little corner of the web where we make amazing things happen. 

I am guessing you are here because, you, like so many other women, know deep inside that you were created for more than the life you are currently living. 

I am guessing that right now, you have big ideas, and even bigger dreams... but have no idea where to start, and turn those dreams and ideas into reality

I am guessing you have the desire to make a huge impact (and income) online but are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by how to actually make this happen.

And I am also guessing you HAVE tried. 

Maybe watched a bunch of YouTube videos (maybe even mine), listened to Podcasts and spent hours on Pinterest trying to learn about online marketing. 


But something isn't clicking…

Something isn't working…

No matter how much effort you have exerted into this so far, it still feels like no one is listening to you, no one is following you, and you are wondering, will anyone ever want to buy from me. 

I get it! I totally understand this business thing is tough.

You spend hours looking at all of the #bossbabes on Instagram, hearing their amazing success STORIES, like reaching their first 5 figure month or even 6 figure year, and you just wonder, is this even possible for me. 

Well, let me confirm to you, first of all, that... HELL YES it is possible for you! 

This type of success is possible for anyone who is willing to do the work and believe in themselves enough. 

But secondly, after years of coaching and teaching hundreds of people from all over the world, one thing I know for sure is that what makes this whole journey even harder, is trying to do it alone. 

My number one mission in life is bringing people together so that they can thrive in life and business. When you have the accountability of a tribe, your percentage of success increases, but also, so does your happiness. 

And that is EXACTLY why I build The Game Changer Collective Monthly membership




I was just sick of seeing early stage entrepreneurs struggle, even with so much information at their fingertips, they still couldn't figure out how to get this whole online business thing working. 

So if it wasn't a lack of information, what was it...

A lack of support

A lack of accountability

A lack of inspiration and motivation

A lack of feedback

A lack of TRIBE. 

The Game Changer Collective is a platform that YES teaches you, through monthly masterclasses, the skills you need to know to build a successful online brand and business...

But beyond that, we are a community. A community that supports you when you feel down, a community that has your back when you need a boost, a community to celebrate with, to make friends through and to be coached by (myself and your other members). 

The Game Changer Collective is not just another freaking platform designed to overwhelm you and try to impress you with a crap tonne of unnecessary content, it is a movement designed to scoop you up and carry you towards your goals. 



Included in the Game Changer Collective is

  • 1 x Monthly Masterclass (topics include, mindset, profit planning, marketing, social media etc) - basically anything a female entrepreneur will need.

  • 1 x Monthly Live Q&A, Coaching session (all masterclasses and Q&A Sessions are recorded and stored on our easy to use dashboard)

  • A private Facebook Community designed to be your top support network

  • 2 x Monthly Hot Seats (within the Facebook group 2 of our top engagers will get a 1:1 live coaching session with me)

  • 1 x Member Hosted Masterclass - Each month a member will go live and teach you (that member could be you!)


  • You know that you were created to build an empire and well-known personal brand

  • You know you have great ideas, you just need the support to act on them 

  • You are looking for a community of like-minded Game Changers to network, collaborate and make friends with

  • You are looking to take your brand or business to the next level of success

  • You are looking for a coach and support but do not yet have thousands of dollars to invest up front

13_box 1.png

“I am loving it! The community is great. The connections are amazing and the content that Erin gives us is priceless!“


13_box 1.png

“It's been amazing! It has already changed my life!“


13_box 1.png

“It’s been absolutely thrilling and insightful!! I have been learning SO MUCH and I cannot wait to learn more!“




What if I am unhappy with the membership?

If you are unhappy with the membership at any stage, you will be able to cancel your subscription. Please note however that by paying yearly, your cancellation will not receive a refund, however, you will still have access for the entire period that you paid for.

When does the membership start and finish?

The membership begins as soon as you join the program. You will have immediate access to the resources and past masterclass content, as well as request access to our private membership community.

How much does joining The Game Changer Monthly Membership cost?

Designed to teach you exactly what you need to be doing to build a successful online business and memorable personal brand. With mini-trainings, ACCESS TO ERIN in a private members Facebook community. You'll be joining a COMMUNITY of like-minded game changers to grow and collaborate with.

The Game Changer Monthly Membership is an investment that will ensure you stay ON TRACK and MOTIVATED to start shaping your industry!


What do you have to lose Game Changer, I know any investment is scary, but however being that this is less than the cost of an Uber eats order, why not give it a go!

If you feel aligned to myself as your coach and this community of like-minded bosses, ready for you to join the family, I am so ready to see you in there.

Also, don't forget to

Be Extraordinary