May 2019

May 2019: Q&A

02.35 Holy shit it’s May 2019 already and I haven't achieved my goals!

07:40 How do you film your IG stories?

10:45 How do you modify your language and behaviour to align with manifestation?

15:06 Listening to music when manifesting and getting in the mood to hustle!

17:37 - 28:05 Camera Recommendations

19:56 How do you manage all the messages in your business?

23:33 Can I use pre-recorded videos for socials/YouTube content?

28:09 How do you get used to showing up online as an extrovert? Getting used to recording yourself.

32:31 & 46:13 Do I need to learn the tech world to support my hustle or hire someone?

35:22 How often do you update your vision board?

37:02 Should I focus on uploading content to one platform or multiple? If only one platform which one should it be?

38:51 How many bullet points do you plan out for your Live Steams?

41:08 Can you suggest some strategies or affirmations to set intentions when publishing content?

46:28 Have you ever done any of Joe Dispenza’s training? His book Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself.

49:08 and 51:59 Do I use Facebook ads?

49:46 More Information on our New York Trip and event!

52:47 Do you ever feel like you’re not unique enough when it comes to your personal brand?

Janruary 2019

January 2019 Q&A

February 2019

February 2019 Q&A