June 2019

June 2019 Q&A

June Q&A Timestamps

0:25 Topic: Talking about my own organisational journey

7:36 Where can I access the masterclass?

9:40 Questions about company names and domains - should I go with .com .co .net etc?

11.50 What music should I use as background music for YouTube? Royalty Free Music

15:33 I feel overwhelmed as I’m just starting my business, should I be focusing on creating content, building an audience or sales funnels etc?

22:30 When you create courses do you protect the name or is that unnecessary?

24:46 I’m about to launch a Facebook ad campaign to sell my course, what should my spend vs return be?

33:04 Do you have anything inside GCC that shows the maths to calculate the number of your leads?

33:57 Should I be reposting more of other peoples quotes on my Instagram?  

42:14 My card is expiring this month, is there a way to change it myself through the GCC?

43:10 How did you learn how to write great sales copy and email newsletters?

45:35 What is your best performing lead magnet for YouTube, have you tested out a few?

46:52 How can I know which masterclass was done in which month?

47:41 When starting a business which is the most important tool to invest in first?

49:08 Was is a pain to transfer from MailChimp to ConvertKit?

51:55 New York Event Details!

May 2019

May 2019 Q&A

May Q&A Timestamps

02.35 Topic: Holy shit it’s May 2019 already and I haven't achieved my goals!

07:40 How do you film your IG stories?

10:45 How do you modify your language and behaviour to align with manifestation?

15:06 Topic: Listening to music when manifesting and getting in the mood to hustle!

17:37 - 28:05 what are your camera recommendations?

19:56 How do you manage all the messages in your business?

23:33 Can I use pre-recorded videos for socials/YouTube content?

28:09 How do you get used to showing up online as an extrovert? Getting used to recording yourself.

32:31 & 46:13 Do I need to learn the tech world to support my hustle or hire someone?

35:22 How often do you update your vision board?

37:02 Should I focus on uploading content to one platform or multiple? If only one platform which one should it be?

38:51 How many bullet points do you plan out for your Live Steams?

41:08 Can you suggest some strategies or affirmations to set intentions when publishing content?

46:28 Have you ever done any of Joe Dispenza’s training? His book Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself.

49:08 & 51:59 Do I use Facebook ads?

49:46 Topic: More information on our New York Trip and event!

52:47 Do you ever feel like you’re not unique enough when it comes to your personal brand?

April 2019

April 2019 Q&A

April Q&A Timestamps

4:00 A question for you! Is there a better way for you to submit questions for these Q&A sessions?

6:45 Do you send out reminder emails?

11.24 Can you explain what program software you use for email marketing?

14.11 I’m launching my website May 1st and I feel like I need to do something super creative and mindblowing when I launch on Facebook, what would you suggest?

18.18 I’m struggling with captions for Instagram to create engagement what do you suggest?

25.27 Topic: How you show up online will determine how opportunities show up for you.

March 2019

MARCH 2019 Q&A

March Q&A Timestamps

9.04 How does Killer Video Academy differ from this membership?

13:50 What do you think about sharing your goals?

17:17 In the early stages of building your business did you ever have moments when you doubted yourself?

21:50 Where do I start with posting my content or building a community?

27:42  How to structure ads for my audience to ensure positive engagement?

31:08 Topic: Marketing - How do I choose which marketing strategy is best for me?

33:28 Do we have transcripts for masterclasses?

35:37 Was there a challenge this month?

37:04  Why am I not seeing results/growth from my content on my platform?

41:26 What promotions or freebies should I create for my audience?

45:29 Should I use my real name or a catchy business name?

47:14 Will you run a master class on “research” and how does research benefit growing your business?

51:51 How do I balance my specific vision vs my audiences search requests?

55:25 How can I work 1:1 with you?

56:25 For the research masterclass, can you provide a checklist of all the places to look for answers when you start from zero?

57:50 Are there any SEO lives on Facebook?  

01:03 Topic: Credibility

February 2019

February 2019 Q&A

February Q&A Timestamps

5:32 How do I gain organic followers?

20:09 Should I use my real name for my account profiles?

25:50 Topic: I’m feeling scared to put myself out there on my platform due to my appearance.

30:05 I'm embarrassed to stand out online, how do I overcome this?

34:00 I want to start building my email list, but I don't have a freebie/incentive to offer yet, what should I do?

38:23 How do I obtain high-quality automatic testimonials?

41:29 Should I coach someone for free before I start charging clients?

42:59 Do you recommend any surveys for market research?

January 2019

January 2019 Q&A

January Q&A Timestamps

Introduction to January and a giveaway! The first question is asked at 25:15

25:15 How do you use manifestation in business to get money and clients?

34:28 What is your biggest learning lesson from 2018?

37:08 Can fear can be a motivator for your business?

43:00 Manifestation is believing nothing is a coincidence. This is how manifestation can work for you!