Welcome Game Changer!

I’m so happy that you’re here! My name is Erin May Henry and I’m the founder and CEO of the Game Changer Company.

I’m grateful to have you here because I’ve made it my mission to bring like minded women together so that they can build a brand, share their message and create something extraordinary online.

I’m an Australian based entrepreneur, who has built a multiple six-figure company, and an engaged audience of well over 100,000 across YouTube and social media.

After graduating university with a degree in business and public relations, I decided that the traditional career path was not for me. Instead, I decided to start a social media marketing agency.

However, not too long into that journey, I discovered a calling much bigger in online mentoring and decided to shift my social media business into a coaching empire.

The Game Changer Co. now teaches thousands of early-stage entrepreneurs, how to grow their business and spread their message online.

With our online school, group coaching and events, we help early-stage entrepreneurs avoid overwhelm and build their extraordinary business.

With an emphasis on Personal Branding, The Game Changer Company is also inspired to help you spread your message by building an engaged tribe online.

I’ve realised something I want to share with you…

It doesn’t have to be hard!

My intention is to not only teach you everything you need to know to take your business or idea and turn it into a successful online brand but also help you find the self-confidence you need to go out there in the relentless pursuit of creating your vision.

Whether you want to be speaking on stage, working by a pool or spending more time with your kids, or your dream is to leave your 9-5 job to start a six or even seven figure business, or write a book, it's all possible with the right mindset and strategy.

I know right now you're probably spending way too much time online, scrolling through all of the #BossBabe accounts, looking at the success they have achieved and wishing that you could jump into that reality yourself.

I get that you have big ideas for an online business, but the sheer thought of where to start and what to do is entirely overwhelming to you.

I get it!

In my opinion, there are way too many people who are trying to complicate things for you. Making you feel like you need 100 systems and funnels to be successful. I say, HELL NO to all of that.

Your business should not be another job you hate going to; it should be an adventure, a chance to grow!

I'm not saying it's effortless, you will need to stretch yourself to become the next level version of you, and that's why I'll be there as your coach to support you and your new business besties through this process of transformation.


Why wait for opportunity, when you can create your own?

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 1.30.21 pm.png

If you spend only a very short amount of time online researching, you’ll find that YouTube has created so many wonderful opportunities for so many people who’ve taken advantage of the platform. 

Not only do you get to be the entrepreneur but you also get to be the creator, the influencer, the producer, the star of your own show and everything that falls in between.

The thing is, this can lead to so many incredible opportunities, media features, speaking events, sponsorships, book deals, world travel, a global community of loyal fans and networks of amazing friends. 

If all this sounds wonderful my only advice to you is to start… 

Please, just make a start, right now!


What have you got to loose?

If you want help or some advice on where and how to start, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I love hearing from you!

Again, welcome to the Game Changer Company, if you want to know more, feel free to check out some of our free or investment opportunities below!

Speak soon,

Erin x