You could be 'that girl'

I am putting a call out to all the girl bosses out there who are ready to step into the spotlight.

All of the dreamers and vision-makers who are ready to create something great, not just for themselves, but for their future tribe.

I know you are an early stage entrepreneur with big plans of success and impact, you wouldn't be here if you weren't.

But what I also know is that it's getting harder and harder to become successful online and those who can break through have this one thing in common.

They became 'that girl'.

  • That girl who went for it

  • That girl with a vision

  • That girl who said Fu*k it, I am going all in

  • That girl who showed up, for herself and her audience. EVERY. DAM. DAY

You could be that girl. You have every right to be that girl, all you need to do is give yourself permission to.

That is what this program is all about - The Killer Video Academy.

Yes, of course, it's about video, teaching you the skills to grow and make money online. But it is so much more than that.

Video is just the channel we are using to;

- Give you the confidence to finally let your fullest self be expressed

- Creating a space for you to connect with your online tribe

- Helping you build a brand that makes people feel so amazing that they cannot help but want to join you (and buy from you)

- And allowing you to live life on your terms by building a business focused on freedom and fulfilment


Just a few years ago I was someone who dreamed of being a successful entrepreneur. I dreamt that I would have a large following, and be making an impact on peoples lives every day. The trouble was, no one was following me. No one was listening, I wasn’t ‘that girl’

Fast forward to today? I’m speaking to and inspiring hundreds of thousands of people every day, and this influence has allowed me to build the multiple six-figure businesses allowing me to literally live the life of my dreams.

This year alone I was able to run my YouTube channel and business from Indonesia, London and Belgium!



  • You have spent what feels like an eternity trying to grow your online audience, but no matter how much you hustle, it still feels like you’re being ignored.

  • You’re feeling deflated, stuck and frustrated. Consistently wondering if this business thing is EVER going to work for you.

  • You are not only struggling to attract and grow an audience but when you do receive some followers, you have no luck turning them into paying customers and clients.

  • You keeping hearing that video could be the one thing that changes your business, but you’re afraid to use it and have no idea where to start.

If any of these struck a chord with you, then you are definitely in the right place.

In 2019, 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content.

The Killer Video Academy is your ticket to the life you dream of!

We teach you our signature triple threat video formula to take you from Invisible to Impact.

Think about it, there are only so many colours, fonts and patterns you can use.

Over time many businesses are starting to look the same. What set’s them apart, however, is when they incorporate video.

There is only one you. Only one person who can look, speak and act like you. So if you want to start standing out. If you want to finally get seen and heard by you dream clients, then it’s time to show your face on video.

I know everyone keeps talking about how video is one of the most powerful tools to grow an online business, and this isn’t just because the people saying it love video.

In fact, the video is the only platform that transcends all of the social media platforms and, more importantly, the only medium that can allow you to differentiate yourself fully from your competitors.


I want to teach you exactly how to do that.


Okay, so imagine for a second that ALL of your business dreams had come true.

Imagine that you...

  • Had no trouble attracting an audience. Every time you posted you would get a tonne of engagement.

  • Had an effortless time turning your audience into paying customers and clients. Every time you launched people couldn’t wait to buy.

  • Exciting opportunities landing in your inbox all the time. This interview requests, collaborations, even books and speaking deals.

  • You finally start hitting your 5-figure month income goals (and do it consistently).

  • Start being recognised as one of the go-to thought leaders in your industry.

but right now?

This is just a dream.

Or maybe the life you see others living on social media.

Let me tell you, A Killer Video Strategy could be the thing that stops you wishing and gets you living this reality.

Case Study from Erin’s Coaching Client Vanessa

Vanessa Lau was able to reach 10K a month in her first month of launching.

Her main content platform?


Vannessa Lau

Erin has been my absolute ROCK! When I started out on my business journey I was sceptical on hiring a coach and I was quite particular on who I trusted enough to work with... but something about how Erin presents herself online told me that she would be the right coach for me.

Fast forward months later and I have not regretted my decision hiring her since! Erin was an amazing guide throughout my journey. She provided me with the right tools and frameworks to keep me on track, and above all, she takes accountability and business ownership seriously.

My favourite thing about Erin is she always pushes me to innovate and constantly encourages me "not rest on my laurels". Thanks to her inspiration and guidance, I made $10K+ on my first month of launching my business and have FULL confidence in my abilities as a Business Coach!

- Vanessa Lau


How Does The Killer Video Academy Work?


Six Jam Packed Video Modules

This is a go at your own paces self-study course designed to help you sequentially build your online video strategy.

Access to Erin’s personal video tools

We are talking scripts, editing secrets, workflows, resource library and equipment recommendations.

Lifetime access

Because the world of online video and social media is constantly changing, so will this course. Once you enrol you are in for life and have access to any updates made.


Here is what we cover in The Killer Video Academy

  • Stepping into your ‘that girl’ spotlight

Understanding how your vision and mission can attract your audience. Learning how to create content from your soul and step into the shows of the women you were created to be so that you can build and inspire your tribe!

  • Our Signature Triple Threat Video Formula

    The Killer Video Academy teaches our signature triple threat video formula, Pre-recorded, Live and Instant video. (think YouTube, Facebook Live and Insta stories).

  • Our Secret Sauce For Video Success
    By doing this ONE thing on video, it could COMPLETELY change your ability to grow an audience.

  • On Camera Confidence Tips
    How to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs about using video and how to grow your on-camera charisma, confidence and skills.

  • Off Camera Action
    How to leverage your videos to consistently grow your audience and attract more opportunities for your personal brand.

  • Launching and Selling with Video
    How to use live video to make more sales and attract more customers and clients to your online products and services.

Erin Henry

This is for you if…

  • You’re ready to put your fears to bed, step out of your comfort zone and finally do something that will actually grow your business.

  • You have an online service-based business, and you are ready to finally start attracting and engaged online community.

  • You know you need to start using video, but you just have no idea where to start, how to film and every time you get in front of a camera you freeze.

  • You have big dreams that transcend beyond just running a business. You want to impact the lives of others and be known as a thought leader in your industry.

Game Changer Students Say..

Erin is a ROCKSTAR! The way she brings women together from around the world, speaks volumes and she OVER-DELIVERS every time!! You can FEEL that she wants YOU (and every individual she works with) to win! - Xani Morton Smith

I've been hung up on the "funnel" culture for so long. Erin May Henry showed me again how natural it is to engage, nurture and over-deliver. Her courses and workshops are one of those pushes you need when you start slacking down on your business. A definite recommendation! - Mohammad Mortada



Erin May Henry is an Australian YouTuber, Podcaster and Business Mentor. She founded The Game Changer Company as a way to inspire the next generation of thought leaders to build their online empire and become known online.

After building her audience to over 100,000 on YouTube, when she isn’t travelling, Erin spends her days creating content and building epic courses like this one to inspire entrepreneurs everywhere (also playing with her puppy and drinking coffee).


Have a burning question for me? I got you covered.

  • Do I need expensive camera gear for this to work for me?

    Absolutely not! If you have a phone and a laptop, that is good enough. This course isn’t about cinematography, it’s about using video in multiple ways to spread your message online.

  • What if I have nothing to say on video? Will this help me find my voice?

    YES! This course will not only help you craft your message and find your voice, but we also have many proven methods of content creation that will never leave you speechless again.

  • Do I need to be super tech-y for this?

    If you know how to use Facebook and Instagram to stalk your favourite influencers, you are going to know how to use it to connect with your tribe.

    Although I will be teaching you some editing, for the prerecorded video you do not have to be a tech superstar!

  • I can’t afford to invest right now.

    I know it can be scary investing in your business, but I ask you this, what are you losing by not investing?

    Every moment you don’t connect with your audience, you could be losing sales. And I always say “how can you expect people to invest in you if you can’t invest in yourself?”


How much does it cost?

I think the better question is how much does it save you? How many more clients are you going to lose because they have no idea who you are?

How many more hours are going to spend painfully searching Pinterest for any tips and hacks on growing your audience?

You could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table by remaining invisible.

Or you could enrol in The Killer video Academy and learn everything you need to know to crush it with online video for as little as 6 Payments of $87 USD or pay in full for $477 USD.