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Why stepping into your feminine energy is KEY to success

Have you ever felt stuck and overwhelmed in your business journey? Are you ready to give up or feeling a lack of confidence and belief in your entrepreneurial abilities? Maybe you’re not feeling as passionate as you once where or think that you’re not meant to be a business owner?

If you’ve felt any of these emotions you should know that you’re not alone. Many female entrepreneurs have been in that exact place, how did they overcome it?

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Networking and Finding Mentors with Ali Adey

In today's chat, I'm speaking to the founder of SheMentors, Ali Adey who has an absolutely amazing vision and passion for networking, mentoring, building relationships and tribe. 

SheMentors was born after feeling Ali felt increasingly frustrated by the lack of female leaders in Australia. As there were only 9 female CEOs in Australia's Top 200 companies and disheartened to read about the Gender Pay Gap.

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Organic Growth Strategies and Finding Yourself with This Jessa Lewis

In today’s game changing chat on The Game Changer Podcast, I spoke with the amazing Jessa Lewis of This Jessa Lewis. We had a really inspiring conversation about how she juggles being a mumpreneur, aka juggling her two children whilst working AND managing her side hustle.

We also talked about organic growth and strategy for side hustlers looking to grow online so be sure to listen to give this podcast a listen.

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How and Why to Start Thinking Like a Successful Business Owner

Whether you have a side hustle or run a full-time business, one of the most important things you can do right now to ensure your success in the future is to start thinking like a successful business owner.

And, if you’re thinking “but I already know that I’m successful”, then great! You’re already one step ahead of this blog post and no doubt doing incredible things in your business but if not, this blog is for you!

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Launching a Brand at Age 22 with Jessica Williamson

Entrepreneur Jessica Williamson is the brains behind cult Aussie swimwear label Ete and Australia’s first influencer travel agency Somewear Elsewhere.

In today's game changer chat we talk about how Jessica found the drive to launch a business at the young age of 22, overcoming fears in business and how she manages her busy life, travel, networking and three businesses!

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