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How to Love Yourself While Building a Brand with Brooke Lindsay

Today's podcast guest is with the amazing Brooke! We recorded this episode together in my house because for those of you who don't know, Brooke is not only an amazing confidence coach and self-love advocate, but she also works with me on the Game Changer Company. 

Having confidence and self-awareness is about knowing what you need to feel centred, happy and to be living your best life so that you can help others live their best life too. It's not selfish; it's essential. 

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Why Self-Love is Essential for Entrepreneurs

From the moment you have your first business idea, you start to think about how to grow your business. You might research 'how to beat Instagram's algorithm to get more followers' or ‘how to create the perfect website and sales funnels’. However, you’re missing one key ingredient to growing your business and it's self-love.

Why is self-love the key to success in your business? Great question, let me explain.

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