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4 Secrets To Growing Your Instagram Following

Are you ready to grow your influence and your impact on Instagram? If you are reading this blog post, one (or all) of the following probably applies to you:

  1. You are trying to use Instagram to build your business and/or personal brand;

  2. You are sharing from your heart and soul about your offerings, but it doesn’t seem to be making a difference for you in terms of leads or sales; and/or

  3. Your following is stagnant i.e. grows a little and then decreases a little.

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5 Unique Ways to Show off Your Personal Brand on Instagram

Your personal brand is closely linked to your face, and it’s the most unique part of your brand as well. There are a billion (not quite) businesses out there that might have the same brand colours and fonts as you, but none of them will have your face.

Unless you have a twin, in which case I hope they haven’t set up a rival business to yours.

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