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10k Her First Month of Launching with Vanessa Lau

Today’s Game Changer Chat is with such an exciting person, Vanessa Lau!

Vanessa is not only a client but she is someone who’s making huge waves in the industry. She is a Brand Strategy Coach and Consultant for millennials around the world who want to ditch the cubicle and jumpstart their businesses online.Her focus is on helping them ditch the cubical to build a passion filled online business.

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Want Followers? Be a Better Leader

Earlier this week I attended The Emerging Leaders Bootcamp by The Dream Collective which, was all about teaching females how to become better leaders.

Whether you're trying to progress in your career, start a business or build a following online, it's crucial to learn how to be a good leader so that you can cultivate a community and positively impact and influence others into action.  

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Ruby Lee's Advice on Owning your Side Hustle

Today’s Game Changer Chat is with one of my FAVOURITE people of all time Ruby Lee. Ruby Lee is a Melbourne based Side Hustle coach who helps early stage entrepreneurs own their hustle and build an epic online business.

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