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Managing Your Money with Aimara Manulele

Today’s podcast chat is with the founder of Cents of Dollars, Aimara Manuele. Aimara is a Millennial Money Coach on a mission to raise a generation to be money savvy and to change the way we talk about money with one another.

She wants to eliminate the negative stigma attached to money and needs your help to raise the next generation to be equipped to make smarter decisions with their personal finances. We have to break the cycle of being dependant on debt to survive.

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Why stepping into your feminine energy is KEY to success

Have you ever felt stuck and overwhelmed in your business journey? Are you ready to give up or feeling a lack of confidence and belief in your entrepreneurial abilities? Maybe you’re not feeling as passionate as you once where or think that you’re not meant to be a business owner?

If you’ve felt any of these emotions you should know that you’re not alone. Many female entrepreneurs have been in that exact place, how did they overcome it?

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Networking and Finding Mentors with Ali Adey

In today's chat, I'm speaking to the founder of SheMentors, Ali Adey who has an absolutely amazing vision and passion for networking, mentoring, building relationships and tribe. 

SheMentors was born after feeling Ali felt increasingly frustrated by the lack of female leaders in Australia. As there were only 9 female CEOs in Australia's Top 200 companies and disheartened to read about the Gender Pay Gap.

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How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Feeling like an imposter or a fraud is something that plagues many successful people. In this video, I want to share with you my own experience with imposter syndrome and give you some advice on how to overcome it.

Impostor syndrome is also known as the impostor phenomenon. It's a psychological pattern in which you start to doubt your accomplishments or abilities and you start to fear "being exposed".

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10k Her First Month of Launching with Vanessa Lau

Today’s Game Changer Chat is with such an exciting person, Vanessa Lau!

Vanessa is not only a client but she is someone who’s making huge waves in the industry. She is a Brand Strategy Coach and Consultant for millennials around the world who want to ditch the cubicle and jumpstart their businesses online.Her focus is on helping them ditch the cubical to build a passion filled online business.

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Why Online Courses SUCK!

Do you want to know the real reason why online courses suck? I’m going to tell you why you’re not learning anything or why you’re not finishing the online course that you invest in.

If you have invested in an online course and you're feeling frustrated because you haven't completed or even started it, then I have some tips that can get you started with your online education.

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