Is Strategy or Spirituality More Important

While the action is essential, this is where the power of mindset comes into play. You literally cannot be successful in business if you don't believe in yourself, you will self-sabotage. 

You can have the website, the funnels and everything you think you need to be successful in business but if you don't have the belief that you can actually do it and sell yourself and your services or products then you will do something to sabotage your own efforts and you won't even realise that you're doing it. 

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Erin Henry
Lessons from Sophia Amoruso #GirlBoss

I've been getting heaps of message lately about mentors, so I wanted to film this video to help you choose the right mentor for you. When it comes to mentors, there are two different types. 

  1. The mentors that know you exist. They're your coaches, business besties and people in your life that can give you personalised advice while you're on your journey.

  2. Then there are the people that learn from. You read their books or watch their seminars and reverse engineer their strategies and implement their ideas in your own business.

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Creating a Business Plan with Asana - VLOG

Whether you're a small business or you've been around for a while, it's important to create a solid business strategy. It's essential for your company's growth and overall success. 

In my recent video on how to change your life, I talked about all the things I wanted to change to up-level my life and business. While I haven't stopped the Uber Eats.. what I have done is completely systemise my business!

Enter video on Creating a Business Plan with Asana!

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Exploring How Sexuality & Self-Connection Build Confidence & Creativity with Jenn Doan

Today I'm talking with the amazing Jennifer Doan! Jennifer is a Sensuality Coach who helps women live lives that turn them on. "I'm on a mission to reconnect women to the power that lies in their sexuality. For too long, we've been afraid of the external judgment and ridicule that comes with fully inhabiting our sexual selves. We feel as though we need to look and act a certain way to be accepted by society." 

In today's podcast episode, we talk about the importance of connecting with yourself but also how that impacts you when trying to stand out online, especially if you're in a controversial niche. 

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Erin Henry
You Are NOT Disciplined - Let's Fix That NOW!

This video is all about figuring out why you're not disciplined enough to achieve your goals and how we can fix that.

After I published my video on how to change your life a lot of you said that they've tried to change their life in the past, but you haven't been able to bring yourself to do the things that they need to do in order to create change. 

If this resonates with you in some way, then this video is for you. Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard we try, we can't seem to push through and take action, and honestly, it comes down to a matter of being disciplined.

This is how you can become disciplined and it doesn’t have to be hard, in fact it can be fun!

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How to ACTUALLY Change Your Life Before 2020

I've just gotten back from holiday and while my trip overseas was amazing, every time I get back home I feel like I need to transform my entire life, so, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

In this video, I’m taking you with me while I change my life and level up to become the next level version of myself aka Killer Queen!

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How to Love Yourself While Building a Brand with Brooke Lindsay

Today's podcast guest is with the amazing Brooke! We recorded this episode together in my house because for those of you who don't know, Brooke is not only an amazing confidence coach and self-love advocate, but she also works with me on the Game Changer Company. 

Having confidence and self-awareness is about knowing what you need to feel centred, happy and to be living your best life so that you can help others live their best life too. It's not selfish; it's essential. 

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10 Rules for Success in Every Aspect of Your Life with Natalie Parry

Guest Blog Post with Health and Lifestyle Coach, Natalie Parry.

Over the past year, as I’ve been on personal development and health journey, I’ve noticed a set of rules (commandments, life mottos, whatever you want to call them) that successful people seem to be living by and that is, essentially, the foundation to their success.

These rules can be applied to any aspect of your life if you want to achieve success; whatever shape success takes in your life: career, relationships, working out etc. 

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Feeling Good Is the Key to Online Success with Gala Darling

As you know the podcast took a small hiatus, but we're back for a killer season two, and I couldn't be more excited.

I wanted to take some time out to think about the direction to take the podcast in, and honestly, I have a burning desire to sit down and learn from some of the most extraordinary people I know. I want to sit down and pick their brains on how they started their business, built their personal brand, how they stand out online to really dive deep into the inner workings of their mind to bring you as much value as possible.

Today's episode is an incredible kick-off for season two and this new podcast journey, our podcast guest is one of my all-time favourite people. She's the fantastic, magical, and extremely high vibe honey, Gala Darling!

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How to Sell Authentically Online with Samantha Hearne

Sam and I have a lot of experience selling online. We both run multiple six-figure businesses and are blessed enough to be living the life of our dreams! But we get it, it can be hard to sell online.

Maybe you’re great at creating content or cultivating an amazing and supportive community, but where you’re lacking is the actual selling piece. In this video, we’re going to give you some very practical, mindset tips that will help you start to sell online.

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A Simple Business Strategy to Get You More Clients

I conducted a poll on Instagram asking you guys what your goals were and an overwhelming number of you said one of your biggest goals for the rest of 2019 is to attract more 1:1 clients.

I know how frustrating trying to attract 1:1 clients can be but here's the thing…

Many people are just throwing content out onto the internet and hoping for the best. Please don't get me wrong something is often better than nothing, but as a coach, I know how important it is to implement a strategy to attract and CONVERT your audience into paying clients.

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Habits That Will Make You WEALTHY!

The dream for most of us is to live a life by design. A life where you can wake up when you want, where you want, with a constant cash flow coming from your thriving business!

However, to achieve this, there are some pretty essential habits that you'll need to start implementing into your everyday life. I've been these habits into some simple actions steps to get you started - watch now!

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Erin Henry
Do Not Start a Business Until You Watch This

Someone asked me the other day if I truly believe that every single person can be an entrepreneur? I think the answer to that question is yes!

I believe people can attain the skills required to become an entrepreneur; however, if it doesn’t come naturally to you, it won’t be easy. Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy, and these are the things you should consider before starting an online business.

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Erin Henry
How To Achieve Your 2019 Goals | There's Still Time!

I’m a big believer in setting goals for yourself and so today’s video is all about goal setting in 2019 because there is still time!

If you're nowhere closer to achieving the goals you set at the start of the year, I don’t want you to start thinking “oh well, this year is a ride off, I'll try again next year” because that's not happening! We must take massive action in order to achieve our goals so here are some of my actionable tips to get you started.

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Erin Henry
Work From Home Habits || Stay Productive and Organised

In today's video, I want to walk you through my top ten habits that are particularly for those of you who work from home.

When you have bad habits when working from home it's easy for days to fly by without getting much done. You’ll find yourself procrastinating, scrolling through Instagram and wasting time that could be spent building your business or with your loved ones.

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My Biggest Lessons from Running an Online Business

Welcome back to Game Changers, I have a very exciting solo episode for you today. A couple of months back I did a solo episode on the growth I've made and how I've fallen back in love with my business, which received a lot of positive feedback. 

At this point in time, my business is a multiple six-figure business climbing steadily to a seven-figure business. Not only that my YouTube channel, podcast and online tribe is thriving, so I really wanted to sit down to discuss what has gotten me to where I am today and how you can do the same if you're on a similar entrepreneurial journey. 

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