My Girl Boss Book List for 2019

In this video, I share with you a whole bunch of books that are going to assist you in being the best entrepreneur that you can be in 2019!

Some of these books I have read myself and some are on MY reading list - so here is what I know and love about these books and why they are so amazing.


Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

- Denise Duffield Thomas

I have read both books by Denise Duffield Thomas, the first one which was ‘Lucky Bitch’ and the second one ‘Get Rich, Lucky Bitch’.

If I’m going to recommend one of them for you to read, I much prefer this one (her second book). The first one is more on Denise’s story with the basics of manifestation but the second one is very specific when it comes to money mindset.

Money is a huge focus for me in 2019 because I have some huge impact goals around money and that is why I loved this book - see more on why I love this book in the video.

101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think

- Brianna Wieiest

This book is great to pick up whenever you feel like you want to read up on all the different ways to change the way you think.

This book has some really beautiful concepts and is set out with a range of different lists on different topics. For example, it has lists like 47 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down or Bored. This is a great book for you if you’re looking to develop a more positive mindset.

The Code Of The Extraordinary Minds

- Vishen Lakhiani

Through the recommendations of a few people and one of my business besties, Ruby Lee. I am planning to read this book. What I love about this book is that it’s about defining success in our own terms.

A big mission of mine is to empower people to create their own success, rules and live life as they please. I think this book is really about mastering one’s self to do exactly that.

Never Split the Difference -

- Chris Voss

I really want to ensure that in 2019 I am working on my confidence, my influence and to be really confident in what I have to say.

Communication and negotiation are something I want to learn a lot more about and this book was written by an ex FBI agent… so perfect, right?! Chris Voss has taken all the skills that he’s learnt as an FBI agent and put it into this book.


The Answer

- Allan and Barbara Pease

This book is perfect if you are trying to figure out your purpose in life. My fiance George read this book and said that he really enjoyed it.

It will help you dig deep to find out what truly makes you happy, what your mission in life is. As well as setting out your goals and putting them into action to achieve what you want from life.

I truly believe that reading and learning is the gateway to success so be sure to watch my video on My Girl Boss Book List for 2019 for my final recommendations.

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