Managing Your Money with Aimara Manulele

Today’s podcast chat is with the founder of Cents of Dollars, Aimara Manuele. Aimara is a Millennial Money Coach on a mission to raise a generation to be money savvy and to change the way we talk about money with one another.

She wants to eliminate the negative stigma attached to money and needs your help to raise the next generation to be equipped to make smarter decisions with their personal finances. We have to break the cycle of being dependant on debt to survive.

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The KEY to Online Success That You NEED for 2019!

In my online business I share business tips and mindset advice all the time but there is one thing that keeps coming up again and again. I always have the same response which is…

If you can get this one thing right and you do it consistently, YOU WILL find success as an entrepreneur or a creator. Watch this video for the key to your online success in 2019!

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Why stepping into your feminine energy is KEY to success

Have you ever felt stuck and overwhelmed in your business journey? Are you ready to give up or feeling a lack of confidence and belief in your entrepreneurial abilities? Maybe you’re not feeling as passionate as you once where or think that you’re not meant to be a business owner?

If you’ve felt any of these emotions you should know that you’re not alone. Many female entrepreneurs have been in that exact place, how did they overcome it?

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Networking and Finding Mentors with Ali Adey

In today's chat, I'm speaking to the founder of SheMentors, Ali Adey who has an absolutely amazing vision and passion for networking, mentoring, building relationships and tribe. 

SheMentors was born after feeling Ali felt increasingly frustrated by the lack of female leaders in Australia. As there were only 9 female CEOs in Australia's Top 200 companies and disheartened to read about the Gender Pay Gap.

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healthy habits to add to your morning routine

Let me ask you, what good is it building a successful career if you’re not well enough to enjoy it?

This is why your health needs to be a priority. But, I understand you’ve already got a busy busy busy day, so, why not add any of these simple healthy habits into your morning routine to make health a priority without sacrificing time spent on your side hustle.

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Erin Henry
The Key to Unlocking Your Success in Life and Business

See the mind is a tricky thing, and while it can give us the brightest of ideas it can also cause us to spiral down into doubt and confusion if we let it. Therefore the key to unlocking a positive mindset that will guide us on our path to success is actually found from within.

We must uncover it and cultivate it again and again as it is the key that will unlock the door to clarity each and every single time. So the question then is, “What is the key?”.

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How to Overcome Perfectionism with Sam Laura Brown

In this video, I'm discussing overcoming perfectionism with Sam Laura Brown who is an incredible online coach and one of my beautiful clients!

Sam is a mindset coach for perfectionist's as well as a personal development blogger and host of The Perfectionism Project podcast. We're discussing what perfectionism is and how to overcome it and move forward in achieving your goals. 

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Erin Henry
Social Media, Strategy and Stevie! With Stevie Dillion

Today’s game changer chat is with former lawyer turned social media marketer, Stevie Dillion! Stevie is an amazing entrepreneur who works to educate and inspire passionate business owners lift their social media game so that they can build a profitable business [and life!] they love.

Listen to this game changing chat all about social media, strategy and how Stevie was able to pivot her career from working a 9-5 in the corporate world to doing what she’s passionate about every day!

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How to Become an INFLUENCER in Your Industry

In this video, I’m talking all about how to become an influencer to progress as an entrepreneur in your chosen niche. If you’ve chosen a niche and want to position yourself as a thought leader, what can you do to actually position yourself as an influencer?

There are so many different ways to become an influencer but here are my tips and tricks to grow your brand through influence AND become a thought leader in your niche!

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4 Secrets To Growing Your Instagram Following

Are you ready to grow your influence and your impact on Instagram? If you are reading this blog post, one (or all) of the following probably applies to you:

  1. You are trying to use Instagram to build your business and/or personal brand;

  2. You are sharing from your heart and soul about your offerings, but it doesn’t seem to be making a difference for you in terms of leads or sales; and/or

  3. Your following is stagnant i.e. grows a little and then decreases a little.

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How To Listen To Your Heart and Start The Right Business

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has spent the late night hours googling “good business ideas” or “what business should I start?”. Maybe you’re even coming across this article after a google search or two.

I know where you’re at and whilst you may not have the idea nailed down, you know that you want to blaze your own trail and run your own business - which by the way, you’re more than capable of doing.

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Being Multi-Passionate, Original and Getting Stuff Done with Rachel Aust

In today's game changer chat I spoke with the multi-passionate Rachel Aust! Rachel started her blog Eat, Run, Lift, back when she began her fitness journey in 2014 as a way to share healthy and delicious recipes. Since then, Rachel has grown her online empire into a thriving YouTube platform and successful fitness coaching business.

Rachel is one of the most creative and original online creators, taking all of her passions and turning them into profitable businesses. Whether you love health, style, beauty, minimalism, organisation or interior design, Rachel has something of value for you.

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How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Professional Success

Sometimes, no matter the extent of our enthusiasm, our past experiences can weigh upon the promise of the future and hold us back in the present.

It can be daunting to look at those who have achieved what we hope to in life and realise that they went to private school or got their foot on the professional ladder through the connections of their parents. When these privileges aren’t available to us, we can be left feeling powerless. Here’s how to turn things around!

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Organic Growth Strategies and Finding Yourself with This Jessa Lewis

In today’s game changing chat on The Game Changer Podcast, I spoke with the amazing Jessa Lewis of This Jessa Lewis. We had a really inspiring conversation about how she juggles being a mumpreneur, aka juggling her two children whilst working AND managing her side hustle.

We also talked about organic growth and strategy for side hustlers looking to grow online so be sure to listen to give this podcast a listen.

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11 Habits of Successful Women You NEED to Adopt!

I’ve always been interested in the habits of successful women - I’ve researched a lot of my own mentors that I look up to and have collated some of the things that I’ve noticed successful women do and habits that they implement in their everyday lives.

There are a lot of habits to adopt to become successful but these are the ones that help them create success in both their professional and personal lives.

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How Less is More in Business and Life with Nadine Riseham

We are all living with so much stuff in our lives, not only in our houses but in our workspaces, in our cars, in our finances, in our relationships and in our minds.

We need to declutter and live more minimally and appreciate having more minimal space. ‘Nothing changes, if nothing changes’, read that quote again and you will quickly realise that if you do not make a change, your life will just continue to be one big mess.

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Erin Henry